9 Years in the Making: CSB’S History with KBIC Consulting

January 19, 2023 The Citizens State Bank Team

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Not all banks are made the same

At CSB, we talk often about how to treat our clients as relationships, rather than a number or transaction. But what does that actually mean? At CSB, we’re here for the long game—we’re passionate about understanding and supporting your businesses. Our relationship with KBIC Consulting perfectly embodies those values.

KBIC Consulting provides clarity and guidance to businesses that are overwhelmed by the complexities of their insurance portfolio. Owners Andy Kaelin and Rob Brogan first came to CSB in 2013 after realizing that they needed more than just a bank—they wanted a partnership.

“We need a partner, not just a bank”

At CSB, we believe that every business owner in our community should have the partnership and resources needed to scale their business and unlock exciting new opportunities.

Andy and Rob initially came to CSB based on an existing relationship with Chief Lending Officer, John DeLucia. While their first step was to establish a line of credit and open deposit accounts, we sought to understand their business goals and vision for their future. Our CEO Daniel Maddox even met with Andy and Rob to discuss their needs and align on what would drive a beneficial relationship before they committed to anything.

“Initially, I was skeptical about CSB’s emphasis on relationship. But over time, I realized that it was 500% true.” —Andy 

9 Years of Growth

At Citizens State Bank, we differentiate ourselves from other banks by delivering on the promise of partnership. Our relationships are built by consistency, knowing our clients by name, and investing our attention in your growth, which is exactly the approach we took when KBIC Consulting joined us. For KBIC, Commercial Lending Officer, Elliott Somers, has been their same point of contact since day one.

What began with a line of credit soon expanded into renewing their business line of credit every year and business term loan requests. When KBIC needed solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to guide them through the process of applying for PPP loans and finding the critical information needed to follow through.

“During that time, I was blown away by the service. I felt like Citizens State Bank was working just as hard as we were to find solutions.” —Andy

People-driven, not transaction-focused

Like CSB, KBIC Consulting understands the importance of having a partner that takes the time to learn about and support your needs, especially when you’re navigating periods of growth or uncertainty. Over the past nine years, this shared passion has helped us build a foundation of trust that isn’t easy to foster at larger banks.

We know that business owners need a trusted resource to help crucial decisions become learning experiences that guide them toward financial success. It’s been our honor to be a part of KBIC Consulting’s growth and to give them the support and confidence they need to pursue their own passion for bringing clarity and guidance to others.

We’re here to help you grow with confidence

As a small business owner, we know that every decision matters. That’s why we’re here to help position you for success. Schedule a consultation today to start a conversation with one of our relationship managers.

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