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May 10, 2022 The Citizens State Bank Team

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See How Our Partnership With Complete Office Supply Fueled A Season Of New Growth

Meet Alan Bird, owner of Complete Office Supply 

Alan is the second-generation owner, and like many leaders in our community, he is proud of what he and his family have built. It fills an important gap. But as most business owners have experienced at different seasons, cash flow can often inhibit the ability to fully focus on customers' needs. That’s where he met Elliott Somers, one of our Relationship Managers here at Citizens State Bank.

“I have known Elliott for almost a decade. Throughout those years, I have always been able to reach out to Elliott with questions and know I would get a fast response. He really treats me more like family as opposed to being just another customer. I wish all our vendors were more like Elliott, it would sure make my life much easier!” – Alan, Complete Office Supply

The Challenge:

After being a client for quite some time, Complete Office Supply's line of credit with Citizens State Bank was coming due. At the same time, they had a strong office furniture sale which required a large amount of cash to service the increased costs of goods.

In many cases, this would present a major problem. Alan needed a trusted partner to provide resources and guidance. Thankfully, he collaborated with Elliott and our team to create a win-win solution.

The Solution:

Plain and simple: the right partners are there when you need them, and this was our moment to step in and serve the team at Complete Office Supply. Based on our longstanding history, we were able to provide assurance and assistance through their current cash crunch.

We worked to establish milestones for the renewal to reduce Alan’s stress and keep him focused first on serving his customers with confidence.

It sounds cliché, but this element of our partnership with local businesses is a game changer. Leaders like Alan can rest easy at night knowing each party does their part to achieve shared success.

“If you are serious about wanting to grow, you will need cash, expertise to lean on, and a banking partner that offers some flexibility or help when you run into unusual situations. It is incredibly nice being able to pick up the phone and talk with Elliott or any other members of the bank to ask them questions and seek out advice on the best way to approach a situation. Find your partner and stop being simply a customer.” – Alan

What We Provided:

Like most business owners, Alan’s transition to Citizens State Banking was a journey. What started with an initial line of credit has transformed into a partnership complete with an entire line of commercial banking services.

  • Remote Check Capture
  • ACH Functionality and Transfers
  • A Robust Commercial Line of Credit

And like all partnerships, this adapts to meet the ever-changing needs of their business. Sure, the services themselves need to satisfy the needs of local companies, but where the true difference lies is in the partnership.

The Complete Office Supply team had questions that needed timely answers, solutions to their problems, and a person they could call at a moment's notice. This even led to one of our team members driving over to address a time-sensitive matter on site.

We believe that how you receive a service is just as important as the service you receive.

The Result:

Alan has big aspirations for the future of Complete Office Supply. In fact, he plans to double in size over the next five years while retaining their commitment to customer service. They want to be the go-to resource for businesses in Indiana that need furniture, office supplies, and janitorial supplies.

Complete Office Supply represents the type of local businesses we want to serve here at Citizens State Bank. They provide a valuable service, but they also employ high school and college students interested in doing meaningful work and learning the finer points of running a successful company.

The reality is every business needs a team around them, and we are honored to have a seat at their table as a strategic, trusted voice guiding them through their important banking decisions.

Alan summed up how he views our partnership when he shared:

“If I put an image to it, I would say the relationship looks a lot like two friends walking off the court with arms over each other's shoulders as they celebrate a hard-earned victory they both worked for and could not do alone.”

And for us, that image sounds picture perfect.

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